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01:01pm 07/11/1999
  okay i got your humor.  
07:56pm 28/04/2005
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04:01pm 06/02/2005
11:53am 22/12/2004
It's new, help get it started!
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04:05pm 17/11/2004
mood: awake
hey im new to this
community!ummm i love lj friends
soooo please add me, and ill
add ya right back!<3333333Brandi Michelle
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09:19pm 01/06/2004
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08:53am 01/05/2004
mood: chipper
hey my names kaitie
i just joined
im 15 from new jersey
add me if you want <3
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08:10pm 27/04/2004
  Hey I'm new here
Want to be my friend?
Everyone here listens to good music
12:53pm 08/02/2004
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04:14pm 07/01/2004
  added more sketches to my gallery.
stop by?

(the saga continues)
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12:24am 24/12/2003
  Shouldn't it be better THAN you?

Funny community.
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07:56pm 20/11/2003
mood: happy
I think that our community is funny. It's not even based on music anymore (other than Patrick's random lyric posts.) It's just like, "EEE LET'S MAKE STEPHANIE ANGRY WITH MORE COMMENTS TELLING HER THAT SHE CAN'T TYPE!!!" I think it's funny, though. I suck at being insulted. I'll try harder next time, guys. Really, I will.
11:57pm 23/10/2003
mood: tired
Speaking on behalf of myself (and maybe Kortnee if she wants me to)... I suck at being a moderator. Everything in here is SO OUTDATED. I don't blame a good portion of the people for commenting about the lack of taste in the music. BUT, the people that join the community for like .6 seconds just to say something like, "You're all ignorant fucks!" is a bit annoying. Music is about enjoyment. Some people enjoy some music over others...

But, I'd rather not rant. All I have to say is that I (and maybe Kortnee) plan to go back and look through the interests... and ... fix them.

Have a lovely evening/morning/whatever.
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11:41pm 23/10/2003
  since the new fashion in this community is to make fun of the bands listed that are supposedly good(the ones that the mod likes), i felt i should throw my 2 cents in. here is the list of the music that is good:

bob marley
bright eyes
built to spill
dead kennedys
minor threat
neutral milk hotel
pink floyd
reel big fish
saves the day
the beatles
the clash
the faint
the ramones
the sex pistols
the vandals
the velvet teen
the velvet underground
the who

thats 30 bands, out of 103 listed.

i'll list the bad ones by category

shitty hardcore: from autumn to ashes, poison the well, etc
shitty wannabe emo: taking back sunday, thursday, glassjaw, coheed, etc
shitty punk: nofx, millencolin, the casualties, etc
shitty metal: kittie, tool, etc
shitty pop: jimmy eat world, something corporate
just shitty: son of sam, placebo, the distillers

my recommendation: replace the bad music with 80s hardcore, like 7 seconds, and good punk music. for instance, fu manchu and black flag should be on there, and if we're gonna have fugazi we should add the rites of spring too. for emo, get the promise ring listed. in terms of jazz, coltrane is representing but not enough, add charles mingus as well. lo-fi indie pop should definitely be addressed, built to spill and neutral milk hotel are good but what about dressy bessy? Also there is a disturbing lack of 70s detroit rock and mod revival. The stooges, the mc-5, and the jam all need a place. no more of that nu-metal shit like kittie. put on sabbath and ac/dc, and we can talk. also K.I.S.S is not seen in the list, which i think raises questions about the sanity of the moderator. muse isn't on the list, which is forgiveable if you live in a cave, and britpop in general is not seen at all. where are pulp, oasis, and the stereophonics? BLUR? I think we should boycott this community, or forfeit our badges that say "better than you"(but with "then" used instead of "than").
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08:38pm 17/10/2003
  Okay, bands on the list that fail to suck;

-Flogging molly
-Pink FLoyd
-Reel big fish
-Sex pistols
-The clash
-The Cure

And now, bands that really, really should be up there;

-Red Hot Chili Peppers
-Rage against the machine
-The Darkness
-Hell is for Heroes
-Winnebago deal

I'm sure I'll think of others, given time...
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08:41am 17/10/2003
mood: aggravated
Its a shame all ur music is corporate shit and theres no individuality to it, fucking pop music
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09:36pm 29/09/2003
  God, the Darkness are brilliant. For Americans who are unfortunate enough not to have heard of them, picture a guy in a catsuit strutting around the stage with long streaked-red hair and singing in this really high voice.

Get Your Hands Off My Woman Lyrics
by Darkness

You are drunk and surly
In Latino lover mode
We all know what's on your agenda
We've broken the code

I've got no right to lay claim to her frame
She's not my possession
You cunt.

Get your hands off my woman motherfucker
Get your hands off my woman motherfucker

Octoped, you've got six hands too many
And you can't keep them to yourself
You're too fat and too old to marry
So they left you on the shelf

I've got no right to lay claim to her frame
But you soiled my obsession
You cunt.

Get your hands off my woman motherfucker
Get your hands off my woman motherfucker
Get your hands off my woman motherfucker
Get your hands off my woman motherfucker
Get your hands off my woman motherfucker
Get your hands off my woman motherfucker
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09:46am 26/09/2003
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<img src=http://www.lauryniscool.itgo.com/images/lauren_44.jpg alt=Lauren .. />

..Nothing wrong with a shameless picture now and then =)
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Hello you beautiful people. 
07:17pm 24/09/2003
mood: contemplative
What's up? I'm Lauren. I just joined this community because it seemed cool and stuff. So here I am .. o.O .. Leave me a comment in my regular journal and maybe we can get to know each other wellness ;D

<33 Lauren
Just a suggestion 
12:11pm 18/09/2003
  your community name is gramatically incorrect
you should use "than" instead of "then"

I'm all for good music.
I'm also all for good grammar.
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